Latest Promotions

Some of our internal staff were recently rewarded with exciting news!
Victor Rogers has been a Recruiter with Astyra for six years and was recently promoted to Team Lead of the temp recruiting team.
Brenna Biggs was recently promoted to Senior Account Manager. She has done great work navigating her accounts, particularly our client, Dominion.
After months of extreme dedication to multiple projects we’ve had, Jody Montague has been promoted to Senior Recruiter.
We’re happy to have such amazing employees who continuously grow with us! Congratulations Victor, Brenna and Jody!

Webinar Training

Astyra Staffing Manager, Dionne, recently subscribed to a webinar site and introduced the rest of the office to the great world of online learning.
We are now working hard to develop our professional skills through this new mode on a variety of websites! We have already attended six webinars covering business etiquette, digital communications and Human Resources policies. Through these courses, we have been able to reevaluate our current processes and implement better practices based on current industry standards.
We plan to continue attending webinars to maximize our knowledge and efficiency!
Have you ever engaged in a webinar? How did it go? What were some of the key points?

Congrats 2018 Grad!

Our Director of Operations, Melissa Silver, is Astyra’s most recent Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) graduate from the Leadership Quest program.

 “I am very honored to have gone through this program and have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful Richmond leaders,” Melissa said reflecting on the experience.

On this ten-month journey, a diverse group of leaders are brought together to receive formal leadership workshops and improve upon their ability to make a lasting impact in the Greater Richmond area.

The program creates an environment for encouraging bold conversations about issues facing our region and helps to broaden perspectives among the group. Part of the program includes a group immersion project that tackles a particular regional issue. Melissa’s group researched and presented on Criminal Justice.

Congratulations Melissa!

Congrats 2018 VCU Graduate!

Our Operations Admin and Executive Assistant, Tianna Mosby, graduated Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) earlier this month.

“It was hard work but definitely worth it! I couldn’t have achieved this without my large support system and amazing professors,” Tianna said.

Tianna studied Mass Communications with a focus on Print, Online and Broadcast Journalism. Throughout her college years, she received many scholarships and honors based on her writing and her dedication to education. She is most proud of her recent accomplishment of getting published in the Washington Post!

Congratulations Tianna!