The Women’s Guide To Interview Fashion – Seasonal Fabrics

An outfit that can be worn in the spring

The first part to creating the perfect interview outfit can be found in the first article of the series. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my previous guide to company dress code!

Seasonal fabrics are the next piece of your “this job is mine” outfit. After you know the style of outfit you are looking for, the next step is determining the articles of clothing that fit the current season you are in. The fall and winter seasons call for darker colored fabrics that keep you warmer.  A few examples include cashmere, wool, and thick cotton. Interviews that are held in the spring and summer months call for lighter colors and fabrics that keep you cool, like thinner cotton, linen, and blended fabrics. Choosing the right fabric is very important, imagine being in an interview in the middle of December with a linen suit on; your focus could shift from the interview questions to how cold you are in that suit. It would be quite distracting to regret your outfit choice amidst an interview. If ever in doubt of what type of fabrics to wear, try wearing something similar a few days before your interview. Thus, allowing you to to get a feel for what you could to wear and adjust any changes that need to be made prior to the interview and not at the last-minute.

Check out comfort level for the final step of the interview outfit process!

The Women’s Guide To Interview Fashion – Company Dress Code

An outfit that can be worn in the spring

Having a hard time trying to determine what to wear to your upcoming interview? A little insight on a few things to think about when deciding on the perfect outfit will help you nail your upcoming interview.

Company dress code is one of the first things to keep in mind when narrowing down your “this job is mine” outfit. I will go through one of the deciding factors to give a more in-depth understanding of how to create the best interview outfit for you, so that it may make the processing of selecting your outfit a little easier.

It is important to know the dress code of the company you are interviewing for, as it can help you to determine what would be considered “too little” or “too much” for the interview setting. Most companies are broken up into (3) main dress code types:

  • Business Professional
  • Business Casual
  • Casual

Determining the environment will definitely help with determining the style of outfit to go for. For example, a company that defines their work culture/attire as casual, may not expect an applicant to interview in a 3-piece skirt suit. On the other hand, a company that’s dress code is business professional, may be turned off by someone who shows up to interview in a jean skirt and short sleeve cardigan. Information regarding the dress code of a company may be obtained from a quick search on their company website, or in a detailed conversation with your recruiter. Regardless of the way you receive that information, it is a great starting point to picking the appropriate ensemble.

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Establishing A Healthy Work-Life Balance

  1. Drive30 minutes
  2. Workeight hours
  3. Drive30 minutes
  4. Cook dinnerone hour
  5. Eatone hour
  6. Sleepeight hours
  7. Repeat | 52 weeks a year

Too many of us accidentally take for granted life and its greatness. We get trapped in an eventless routine where our lives revolve around excelling in our career and sleeping. We miss out on the beauty surrounding us and the moments spent with those close to us. This work-life imbalance can lead to higher stress levels and personal relationships deteriorating. However, if we prioritize a healthy work-life balance, we can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by our job and have a better quality of life.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance begins with scheduling time to enjoy yourself whether it is a vacation or a designated time for you to engage in activities you enjoy. How you spend this time is up to you whether it’s attending a yoga class with a friend, reading a book alone or playing board games with loved ones. As long as you are away from work and enjoying yourself, you’re doing it right.

Next, you should indulge yourself in the present as opposed to the future. Oftentimes we focus on the next task, the next deadline and the next day. This creates a constant sense of urgency and the inability to fully relax. Instead, during this scheduled time, it is best to detach yourself from technology, live fully in the moment and pay close attention to your senses and mood. Without the distraction of texts, emails and social media, you tend to notice more and feel more. While it is important to plan and ensure you are accomplishing goals, it is also important to take a minute to breathe and stay in the now.

With a healthy work-life balance, we become more productive, less stressed and overall happier beings. By trying to incorporate these simple moments into our lives, we can change our perspective on our quality of life.

How do you plan to better balance your career and personal life?

Tips For Your 2019 Job Search

If you plan on looking for a new job in 2019, then you’ll want to pay attention to these tips, they’ll help you launch and execute an effective 2019 job search.

1. Don’t depend on job boards – reach out to the hiring managers or recruiting agencies. 
2. Follow up, Follow up – create lists of the companies that you apply for and follow up on the status of your application. 
3. Prepare for the interview – talk to your recruiter, reach out to friends, practice, practice, practice it makes a difference
The market is saturated with candidates, the trick is differentiating yourself from the pack.
What tips do you have? Comment them below.

Virtual Reality In The Interviewing Process

In an economy where there are far more jobs than job-seekers, hiring managers will agree that it’s incredibly important to ensure they’re making the best choice. The “best” way of doing that is highly subjective in nature, but one approach that some companies are beginning to take is bolstering their interview process with… virtual reality!
According to 52% of respondents to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends, these innovations to the interview process are very important and, according to CloserIQ’s article, utilizing video or VR have been are “gaining ground.” 
A further quote from them reveals that, “Companies that incorporated either video or VR platforms into their interviewing process found they were able to better assess skillsengage candidates more, increase efficiency and improve talent pool diversity, and encountered less unconscious bias.” 
For example, it may be easier for someone to showcase their hand-eye coordination or ability to extract and process numerous points of information at once through such an unorthodox method. In any case, it seems as though this way of thinking has gained traction for a reason.
What are your thoughts?

Managing Pre-Interview Stress: Grounding Techniques

It is perfectly normal to feel stressed before an interview. You may really want the job or you might just be naturally shy. You know that your interviewer will be in control of the conversation and you don’t know what questions they will ask. This stress can lead to anxiety and may make you feel nervous. Here are some grounding techniques to help you reduce and manage your stress and anxiety:

  1. Senses

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. In through your nose on a three count, out through your mouth on a three count.

Now open your eyes. Take your time and say out loud:

  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can feel (Examples: the fabric of the chair, the hair on your forearms, the smoothness of your teeth)
  • 3 things you can hear (Examples: the ticking of a clock, the birds outside, the hum of the air conditioning).
  • 2 things you can smell 
  • 1 thing you can taste (It might be a good idea to have a piece of candy or a mint handy before you start this process. Otherwise, can you still taste the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you had for lunch).

Take a deep breath to end.

  1. Visualize

Imagine the interview going well. Imagine, shaking your interviewers hand and saying you’ll see them on Monday. Imagine coming to work, sitting at your desk and enjoying your new start. Take a look at your negative thoughts and see if they are realistic. Being aware of your unrealistic, negative thoughts can often make them disappear.

  1. Release Your Energy

Sometimes if you are stressed, you are not able to concentrate enough to do some of the grounding exercises listed above. Releasing this pent-up stress and energy can help you relax.

  • Go for a run outside or on a treadmill
  • Clean up the kitchen or vacuum
  • Turn up the music and dance, dance, dance

Once you’ve exerted some energy, sit down and try some of the exercises one more time.

  1. Feel

Hold an object (preferably an object with texture) and close your eyes. Focus on its characteristics.

  • Is it rough or smooth?
  • How heavy is it?
  • Can you close your fist around it or is it much larger?
  • What is the shape of the object?

Now open your eyes and examine that same object.

  • How many colors can you see?
  • How long or short?
  • Are there patterns or pictures of any kind?

Congratulations! You’re now mentally and emotionally prepared for your interview. Just remember, you’ve got this!

Meet Our Newest Employees Of 2019!

Torin Prentice
Ashley Zingler
Shaila Kirandumkara

Torin Prentice is our newest Account Administrator!

In this role, he will be assisting the Account Managers with their current accounts and  developing new ones.

Torin interests include photography, dance, music and sports.

Although he was born in Michigan, Virginia is his longest residency. He recently graduated from Christopher Newport University with a B.A. in Communication Studies.



Ashley Zingler is our newest Operations Admin and Executive Assistant!
When you enter the office, she is the first face you see and the operator when you call.
Ashley is a creative person who loves animals, dancing and coffee.
She grew up in a military family and moved 19 times before graduating high school. She settled down in Richmond in 2016 with her sweet pup Jersey.
Outside of work, Ashley enjoys camping, baking and spending time with friends and family.
Shaila Kirandumkara joined our team in early March as a Senior Recruiter.
“Recruiting is not just a job but it is a passion too,” she said.
Shaila is a Bangalore, India native who graduated from Annamalai University with a Master’s in Sociology.
She is an active participant of the Dominion Toastmaster club and spends her free time motivating school kids to become better citizens!