2019 Thanksgiving Potluck

David dropping the turkey
Our potluck

Every year for Astyra’s Thanksgiving Potluck, the newest employee gets the honor of deep-frying our turkey.

David was hired in September, giving him the 2019 turkey fryer title. He enjoyed taking part in this tradition even though his shoes were ruined from the splashing oil!

When the turkey finished frying, the Astyra family gathered around a large table and enjoyed the homemade dishes together. The office closed early with full bellies and grins as our staff left for the Thanksgiving break!

Astyra Is Recognized As A Top Growing Company!

Co Founder & CEO, Ken Ampy

Astyra Corporation lands the 74th spot on ICIC’s Top 100 Inner-City Businesses in America after growing 82% in the past five years.

Speed Dating For Job Hunters

According to hellotalent.com, job searching has become fast-paced and some companies (i.e., Shapr and Jobr) have adopted a technique similar to speed dating. A la Tinder or Bumble, positions will appear in a queue and you’ll swipe left or right to show interest. This allows for a more surface-level view of tons more positions than sifting for hours through ZipRecruiter or Indeed.

With these sites, you also have the option to take a moment and review whatever details are provided for the roles (because we love substance, don’t we?).

As we continue to focus on user experience and candidate/hiring manager convenience, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more developers creating apps like this.

Here’s to the age of technology!

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