Developing Future Leaders

Lee Rattigan
Victor Rogers
Lee Rattigan and Victor Rogers recently attended courses held by the Chamber RVA.

Account Management Team Lead, Lee Rattigan participated in an RVA Leadership Lab from January to April of 2016. The program was put on by Chamber RVA and Luck Companies. 

The focus of the class was primarily individual development.
Throughout the class he learned about making conscious choices by utilizing core values and personality styles. The small coaching groups focused on self-awareness, social awareness, and influence. The larger workshops were focused around local leaders, who would come in and discuss their story as it related to their individual growth. Lee said that the class was very beneficial and allowed him to continue his growth as a person and leader.
Recruiter, Victor Rogers is a graduate of the newest class of Mentor Richmond. During the duration of the Mentor Richmond program Victor had the opportunity to network with many of the brightest and youngest minds in the Greater Richmond business sector and learn from the premiere business leaders of the city.
Victor shared with Astyra that this was an invaluable experience, and the opportunity has since helped strengthen his professional network, increased his knowledge of resources in Richmond, and enhanced his professionalism immensely.