Contractor Spotlight: Melita Cammack

Customer service has always been my passion, even when I didn’t realize it. Every position that I have acquired throughout my career has encompassed some form of customer service. Even now, I am a Customer Service Associate at Magellan. My name is Melita Cammack and this is my story.
When I was sixteen, my first job was a crew member at McDonald’s. I
was extremely excited about what I thought was going to be a fun-filled cashier position. Sadly, my contribution was mopping the lobby every hour. Needless to say, my career there lasted one weekend.
Growth and experience altered my mindset. Having to interact with people of different backgrounds changed my outlook on how I approach situations and perceive others. I believe genuine compassion is a key asset in the customer service field and in everyday life.
Outside of caring for customers and their needs, I have four beautiful children and a granddaughter so my instinct is to care. I always want others to feel loved and appreciated. That is just who I am, and I know that is what makes me great at what I have contributed my life to doing.
It’s just who I am.

Secret Santa At Astyra

One of the many Astyra traditions includes hosting an internal office Secret Santa every December. This year we dressed up, grabbed a homemade Moscow Mule and logged onto a video meeting to open our presents!

Our executives treated us to brand new Astyra jackets, an Echo Dot and a personalized gift for everyone.

We’re grateful that we were able to connect together and share the holiday cheer!

Finding a Work Life Balance While Working from Home

When remote work first spiked, those of us who aren’t used to working from home were put in unusual situations. We had to train ourselves to separate our work life from our home life while spending a majority of our time in our house. Since then, the lines can sometimes continue to blur. Luckily, there are a few ways to help!

  1. Step away from your computer and even your office before and after work and especially on your lunch break.
  2. Plan out your workday and prioritize projects.
  3. Use your vacation time when you need to even if you’re not traveling.

How do you maintain a healthy work life balance?

Holiday Fundraiser For Families

Sam Young, Megan Walker and Ken Ampy pose with the $1,000 check.
Thinking of others is in the air this holiday season! 
Megan Walker is a local sports legend; having led Monacan High School to three State Championships before heading to UConn for her college career. Now, as a WNBA professional, Megan wants to give back to her community and she’s doing so through the Ronald McDonald House charities. 
Helping the community is right up Astyra’s alley and part of our mission. So, we partnered with Ms. Walker to donate to the worthy cause.

Virtually Attending The HYPE ICONS Awards

103.7 Play radio hosts Melissa and Jack present the award show giveaways.
Earlier this month, ChamberRVA’s HYPE program hosted their annual Icons Awards Ceremony! Three of our Astyra internal office members tuned in to the Zoom meeting with a free meal and drink.
Carmen enjoyed hearing from keynote speaker, Rodney Robinson whose “speech was humorous yet very inspirational, engaging, and empowering.” He reminded her that, ‘sometimes you need to sit down to refocus!’
Vic loved the challenging trivia questions based on Richmond and its history. Although he didn’t have much luck getting to the top 5.
Tianna’s favorite part was the hilarious commentary other various speakers especially local radio hosts Melissa and Jack.
Overall, the event was well put together and highly entertaining!