Interviewing For Your Dream Job

Interviews – the place where your palms are sweaty, your heart races and at some point, you leave with a thought about how you will spend the money you will earn when you get the job.  Being nervous during an interview is common for the interviewee and usually, for the interviewer too.  Smiling, confidence and a good presentation of your competencies are key.

Here are 5 tips to make sure you have a good shot (no promises):

  1. Be on time.  On time = 15 minutes early and not a minute more.  It is polite to be early, but not so early that your interviewer has to adjust their schedule to accommodate your presence.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, sit in the foyer or in your car.
  2. Dress appropriately.  Appropriate for a business meeting because that is what an interview is.  Sportswear and attire that you would wear to a party should be left in your closet.
  3. Know your resume.  Good practice – to hand your interviewer a copy of your résumé.  Poor practice – to refer to your résumé when asked questions about your work history because you cannot remember.
  4. Do your research.  Before attending an interview with a company, make sure you have researched them and understand their mission statement, at the very least.  It is very disappointing to an interviewer if they find out you don’t know who they are and a sure way to lose the opportunity.
  5. Thank your interviewer.  Once your interview is complete, be sure to thank the person that interviewed you for considering your application AND send a brief thank you email to this effect.

Webinar Training

Astyra Staffing Manager, Dionne, recently subscribed to a webinar site and introduced the rest of the office to the great world of online learning.
We are now working hard to develop our professional skills through this new mode on a variety of websites! We have already attended six webinars covering business etiquette, digital communications and Human Resources policies. Through these courses, we have been able to reevaluate our current processes and implement better practices based on current industry standards.
We plan to continue attending webinars to maximize our knowledge and efficiency!
Have you ever engaged in a webinar? How did it go? What were some of the key points?

Ladies Night At Cooper’s Hawk

The Astyra Ladies
The women of Astyra love to wine and dine, especially together! 
We all met at Cooper’s Hawk last week for an evening to unwind with the same people we work alongside daily. The night began with indulging in a wine tasting before being sat down by the waitress for a savory meal.
“This just reiterated that Astyra is like a family and I love that,” Ashley, our newest Astyra lady, said.
This was Shaila’s first ladies night also and she said getting to know who she works with outside of the office is a nice feeling.
Although we aren’t quite sure when this tradition started, we plan to continue having ladies nights!

November 2018 In Nashville

Tennesse contractor team

To help with a mass recruiting and expansion project, we flew our Staffing Manager, Dionne out to Nashville, TN in November.

During this trip, Dionne worked hard to expand our contractor team. In just a few days, we were able to hire over 40 contractors in Tennessee! These contractors now work as data entry and customer service representatives for our client. 

Greetings Baby Nina-Aubrey!

Nico, Nina-Aubrey, Dionne and Chris

Staffing Manager, Dionne Dow and her family welcomed their daughter Nina-Aubrey this month. She weighed seven pounds and four ounces and was 21 inches long.

Nina-Aubrey is constantly watching and learning when she is awake. She loves to look at ceiling fans (on or off) and coos to the sound of Roy Ayers’ and her big brother, Nico, playing his saxophone.

She goes walking with the family pet each day and has visited her Astyra family a few times!

Career Services Advisory Council

Staffing Manager, Dionne Dow is amember of the University of Richmond’s Career Services Advisory Council and attended an all day meeting with other members from a variety of prestigious companies in Richmond, in October.

During the meeting, Dionne met with Study Abroad Students (students attending U of R who had spent at least one semester studying in another country) and they discussed how the students could leverage the value of study abroad when they start to seek employment.

Dionne and other members of the council discussed trends and best practices. They also met with the Professor of Management from the Robins School of Business, to discuss strategies for how business students can be better positioned and prepared to enter the workplace after graduation.