Upgrade Your Skillset

Times have definitely been uncertain during the last year and while it has definitely been a rollercoaster, one silver lining to it may relate to your shift to a new career path. While the focus on remote working and learning has skyrocketed, many academic service providers have begun to offer massive discounts to their products & courses with the intent to aid those looking for change or growth.

While I’ll always recommend polishing a resume (even if you haven’t worked in a bit), wouldn’t it be nice to be able to add a shiny new certification like a CompTIA A+ or Network+?

Below are some resources that may help, should you decide to try your hand at something new or dust off something you haven’t used in a while!


1.) https://digitaldefynd.com/best-online-course-deals-coupons/ 

2.) https://www.businessinsider.com/where-to-take-classes-online

Tips For Maintaining Your Mental Health

Brenna taking a walk around her neighborhood,.

With the pandemic still hanging on and a lot of us having a rough time maintaining our sanity, it’s important we focus on the things we have control over and can change.

A healthy daily routine can make all the difference without taking up too much time. While everyone is different, we can all agree that a good laugh helps make for a better day. If you can, schedule in time weekly or even daily for a quick video or phone call with a family member or friend who you know will boost your mood!

While not everyone enjoys working out, a short walk or jog daily will lower your stress levels which in turn makes for a healthier you. If you don’t have time for a 45 minute walk, break it up and try to do a few 10-15 minute walks throughout the day.

The most important takeaway is to be kind to yourself. Sometimes we’re a bit too mean to ourselves but we have to remember that we’re doing the best we can with what we have.

What are some ways you maintain a healthy mind?

Celebrating Black History Month

This month we’re hoping to celebrate and honor Black history by educating our community.

Did you know one of the first large Black owned companies in America was Tamla Records (later known as Motown Record Corporation and Motown Records) founded in Detroit by Berry Gordy? Mr. Gordy had a passion for music and even opened a record store. While the store did not last long, he did not give up on his dreams. He soon filed for an $800 loan to create his company.

While we are not the largest, the first nor the last standing African American-owned staffing company, we pride ourselves in being a minority owned business since 1997. Each year has been dedicated to helping foster change in our community and we’re proud of our progress so far.

Our CEO, Ken Ampy, is embracing this month by posting quotes from influential Black leaders on his twitter (@KenAmpy) all month long.

How are you honoring Black History Month?