Webinar Training

Astyra Staffing Manager, Dionne, recently subscribed to a webinar site and introduced the rest of the office to the great world of online learning.
We are now working hard to develop our professional skills through this new mode on a variety of websites! We have already attended six webinars covering business etiquette, digital communications and Human Resources policies. Through these courses, we have been able to reevaluate our current processes and implement better practices based on current industry standards.
We plan to continue attending webinars to maximize our knowledge and efficiency!
Have you ever engaged in a webinar? How did it go? What were some of the key points?

Ladies Night At Cooper’s Hawk

The Astyra Ladies
The women of Astyra love to wine and dine, especially together! 
We all met at Cooper’s Hawk last week for an evening to unwind with the same people we work alongside daily. The night began with indulging in a wine tasting before being sat down by the waitress for a savory meal.
“This just reiterated that Astyra is like a family and I love that,” Ashley, our newest Astyra lady, said.
This was Shaila’s first ladies night also and she said getting to know who she works with outside of the office is a nice feeling.
Although we aren’t quite sure when this tradition started, we plan to continue having ladies nights!

Remaining Human In The Tech Age

Before robots take over the world a la the Terminator, we must come to terms with Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) advanced and growing utilization in our workforce. As it stands in recruiting, automated responses via AI are becoming more and more commonplace, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make yourself or your company stand out.

Tailoring responses to suit the context of a conversation or to seem more approachable and welcoming is a great way to make candidates feel welcomed. Using AI and personally checking in with people to keep them apprised of their status in the recruiting process can also do wonders.

It should go without saying that professionalism should always come first but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be warm and inviting.

Reinhart Guest House Visit 2019

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Ashley, Vivia, Brenna, Taylor, Shaila and James
Our Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sandwich Bar
Astyra hosted a staff volunteering day at the Bon Secours’ Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House in April!
The Reinhart House provides lodging for families of patients in the hospital for an extended period. Throughout their stay, various volunteers offer to come and cook a meal for the families to help ease some of their stress.
Astyra has volunteered every year for the Reinhart House since 2014! Prior to this, our last visit was in August 2018. This time, the Astyra volunteer group decided to have a Build-Your-Own breakfast sandwich bar complete with various breads, meats and toppings.
This was Ashley and Shaila’s first time ever participating in a group volunteer experience with Astyra. Both ladies offered to help with everything including baking bacon, slicing avocados and washing dishes.
Ashley said she is excited for our next volunteering event!

2019 Social Media Campaign

For the past two months, Astyra has worked hard on strengthening our social media presence with the help of a consultant teaching us the ins and outs of social media marketing and increasing audience interaction.

We started the process by running an advertisement with creatives made by us. This was the first time we have run a Facebook Ad and we had a great turnout! We reached over 35,000 people in the Nashville, TN and Richmond, VA areas and were able to find potential candidates for positions in both locations. With such great results, we hope to run another Facebook Ad campaign in the near future.

Keep an eye out for our newest addition to the social media world…a job-finding Facebook Group!

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Contractor Spotlight: Linette Jones

Linette Jones

Our Contractor of the Quarter is Linette Jones!

Linette currently works as the lead implementor for the Oracle Advance Collections Module for the City of Richmond. Some of her responsibilities include project planning, configuration set up and troubleshooting.

She is proud of her ability to translate accounting user requirements to translatable software configurations that meet the accounting user’s needs.

Outside of work, Linette loves going to sporting events and spending time with her two sons.

Her youngest son will be starting his first year of high school in the Fall and she is looking forward to seeing him further evolve into an “awesome young man.”

Linette says her sons are the fuel to her motivation to work hard and accomplish her goals.


Recruiting tools change at the drop of a hat and keeping up with current trends can be overwhelming at times. 

This week’s resource is CodeFights, a forum for engineers and similar technical positions. CodeFights opened its doors to recruiters to help foster communication between both parties. They tailor algorithms to find balance between what job seekers and recruiters are looking for to create what is, in essence, a Tinder for the job market!

For more information check out: https://www.prnewswire.com/news/codefights