SpeakUp LightUp 2019

Ken and Sam flaking ODU classmate James Brown
Astyra’s founders attended the Cameron K. Gallagher (CKG) Foundation’s SpeakUp LightUp event in January.
This event focuses on the CKG Foundation’s goal of changing the negative view towards mental illnesses. Each ticket purchase helps fund the free mental health services offered to families by the CKG. The tickets came with a white paint suit that each person decorates with bright paint and/or accessories to wear to the event. At the event, attendees celebrate and radiate their positive messages through their outfits.


#MLKDay2019 Logo
Virginia Union University hosted the 41st Annual Community Leadership Breakfast on Friday, January 18th. Our CEO, Ken Ampy, and approximately 700 attendees heard from Governor Northam, Mayor Stoney, Congressman Scott and many more influential speakers.
The presenters challenged listeners to “Make it a Day ON, not a Day Off” in reference to the #MLKDay movement. The #MLKDay movement strives to use the national day of service to empower individuals, strengthen communities and bridge barriers to help create solutions to social problems and pass on the message of Dr. King to future generations.

“One of Astyra’s founding principles focuses on community service and community leadership. We encourage everyone to find an opportunity to be of service to someone else this #MLKDay,” Astyra’s CEO, Ken said.

Contractor Spotlight: Alan Scholz

Alan Scholz
Alan Scholz is our January 2019 contractor of the quarter!

As a Home Loans iConcierge, Mr. Scholz has served about 1,400 associates in the past two years.
“Though my team and I were repeatedly recognized by Capital One’s management, our most prized awards remain the smiles and looks of relief extended to us,” he said.

 Mr. Scholz is a happily married father of three adult children with a total of seven grandchildren! He spends most of his free time with family and friends and at church. His favorite hobby is attempting to convince his wife to let him buy a “new to me (cheap) sports car,” but it’s safe to say he hasn’t been very successful.

Astyra Continues To Grow In 2019!

Spring is here and so is another blog post; catching you up on the first quarter happenings for Astyra. We have been extremely busy to start the year. Historically, January and February are slow months for us but not this year. The quarter saw continued growth in Nashville and Tampa with dozens of resources placed in both locations. We also saw placements in Cleveland, Plano, Harrisburg PA, McLean and of course locally here in Metro Richmond.
Stay tuned as we expect to announce new geographic locations in the second quarter as well!
Astyra’s 4th quarter was its best of the year!
That’s no surprise given the number of new projects we kicked off. Pennsylvania, Tampa, Nashville, and of course Richmond are home to our newest associates. First quarter 2019 should see new associates in West Virginia and Ohio as well.
Stay tuned for more exciting news we’re expecting, cheers!

Astyra’s Newest Members

Red and Uggs the Leopard Geckos
Uggs the Leopard Gecko
Red the Leopard Gecko

After a long debate on whether we should get a new office pet, Astyra added two Leopard Geckos to our family. 

We picked out Uggs on October 19th, 2018 and were lucky to get the last Gecko available, Red, in the store at the time on January 8th, 2019.

Uggs spends most of the day laying in the multi-level rock observing people walking by and sleeping. Uggs loves being held and will lay in your hand.

Red is a curious little gecko, who explores the tank and climbs everything in sight all day long. When finally tired, Red will sunbathe on the “floating” rock under the heat lamp.

Stop by our office any time to say hi.

For more photos and videos check out their Instagram page!