RVA Career Expo 2019

Shaila and Victor

What better way to start a new month than with a job offer?

Shaila and Victor represented Astyra at the latest RVA Career Expo. They spoke with various interested candidates about open positions and why Astyra should be their choice company. They also passed out cool Astyra swag to anyone passing by!

A New Position At Astyra

Congratulations to our now Corporate Communications Specialist, Tianna Mosby!
This position has never existed at Astyra until now. After a year of working with us, we rewarded Tianna with this promotion to manage our social media platforms, write our quarterly newsletters and create and update our blog page.
In addition, we are expanding her role to include helping the IT Security team. She will have the opportunity to assist with platform integration, documentation and asset management.
We’re excited to see her grow in this new career!