Ladies Night At Cooper’s Hawk

The Astyra Ladies
The women of Astyra love to wine and dine, especially together! 
We all met at Cooper’s Hawk last week for an evening to unwind with the same people we work alongside daily. The night began with indulging in a wine tasting before being sat down by the waitress for a savory meal.
“This just reiterated that Astyra is like a family and I love that,” Ashley, our newest Astyra lady, said.
This was Shaila’s first ladies night also and she said getting to know who she works with outside of the office is a nice feeling.
Although we aren’t quite sure when this tradition started, we plan to continue having ladies nights!

Astyra’s 2018 Holiday Spirit

Astyra staff dressed for Halloween
Mary Alice the Ouija Board

The holidays are always a special time for our Astyra family. To celebrate, we dressed up and decorated the office for Halloween. Spider webs covered the windows, creepy masks were on every door and a spooky ghost greeted anyone who entered.

We also hosted an internal Halloween costume contest with three prizes: Funniest, Scariest and of course, Best Costume. Carmen came dressed as a “Smarty Pants” with Smarties candies on her pants and a full on nerd outfit which deserved the “Funniest Costume” pumpkin prize. Taylor painted her entire face to resemble a skeleton police officer and won the “Scariest Costume” pumpkin prize. 

Mary Alice went all out and dressed up as a Ouija Board with bi-colored contacts and a black candle. Due to her hard work and dedication, she earned the “Best Costume” pumpkin prize.

As the temperature dropped and our minds wandered to the upcoming feast we decided to continue our Astyra tradition of our newest internal Astyra employee frying a turkey for the office for Thanksgiving. This time, Jody and Taylor were our lucky fryers!

We ended the year by decorating our office with three Christmas trees, hanging ceiling ornaments and making snowflakes. Our annual staff Christmas holiday dinner was at Wild Ginger. We were glad to spend time together and to announce an employee promotion!

We also played a few pranks around the office with Asty the Elf. Our poor CEO, Ken walked into his office and caught Asty on his desk drinking a bottle of Whiskey!

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Taylor dropping our turkey in the oil
Asty the Elf enjoying "Elf Juice"

Right On Cue Tournament 2017

Astyra's teams

Astyra formed 3 teams to participate in the annual “Right on Cue” tournament, hosted by ChamberRVA in March.

Astyra was the proud sponsor of the trophy.

Pictured above, Sam Young stands with the winners of the pool tournament, ChamberRVA's CEO, Kim Scheeler and the current Chair Ned Masse.