2019 Third Quarter News Update

As for the third quarter, Astyra continued to move the needle in the Richmond Region and throughout the nation. With 30+ resources working on a Windows migration in seven states (as far west as Utah), as well as 60+ resources in the country music capital of the world, Nashville, our reach continues to extend. Stay tuned for exciting news in the fourth quarter.

Why Choose Temporary Staffing?

The job pool is intimidating between the amount of competing talent and the strict requirements jobs ask for. Some may question their chances of getting hired when the odds against them. That’s where we come in.

At Astyra, we take into consideration not only the position each candidate applies for but other available positions within their skill set, experience and desires. We use proven best practices and personally connect with each candidate through our interviews to determine which company and position would be a best fit for both the candidate and the client company.

In addition, we prepare candidates for the hiring process with resources such as resume editing and interview coaching specific to each company. The best aspect about it, is that these services come free as part of our recruiting process.

It is a known fact a temporary position can be a gateway into a permanent position with the client company. According to the American Staffing Association, 35% of temporary employees are offered a full-time position by their client company. Of that percentage, more than half of those employees accept the job offer. Sometimes, the candidate will also gain skills from their assignment that are transferable to future jobs.

Without Astyra, candidates are subject to doing their own research on companies, the positions offered and hiring process preparation. Not only do we save you time, we take the worry out of your career change.

Begin your stress-free job search: http://astyra.com/job-seekers/job-search/

2019 Social Media Campaign

For the past two months, Astyra has worked hard on strengthening our social media presence with the help of a consultant teaching us the ins and outs of social media marketing and increasing audience interaction.

We started the process by running an advertisement with creatives made by us. This was the first time we have run a Facebook Ad and we had a great turnout! We reached over 35,000 people in the Nashville, TN and Richmond, VA areas and were able to find potential candidates for positions in both locations. With such great results, we hope to run another Facebook Ad campaign in the near future.

Keep an eye out for our newest addition to the social media world…a job-finding Facebook Group!

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2019 MBL Awards

The 2019 MBL Awards Ballroom Decor
Astyra President Sam Young
Imagine: large groups of chatting professionals dressed in suits, mermaid aerial silk performers and multiple servers walking around with tasty hors d’oeuvres.
Astyra didn’t have to imagine as this is what we encountered at the Metropolitan Business League Awards Reception and Dinner! Many of us were attending the awards for our first time and did not know what to expect.
After mingling for about an hour, we headed to the ballroom to enjoy dinner and cheer for the winners. There were 24 nominees and only six categories which kept everyone on the edge of their seats wondering who the award winners could be.
Our President, Sam Young, was given the opportunity to introduce special guest speaker Chiedo John. Both men were able to keep the crowd entertained with witty jokes and their captivating speeches.
Chiedo John is a rising entrepreneur who founded Chiedo Labs, a tech advising and web developing company, in 2012. Mr. John recently became an MBL member and was honored to have been able to speak in front of such a large crowd.

2018 Technology Update

We are thrilled to announce that Astyra’s office is revamped with new, Mac desktop computers, Cisco telephones and Cisco Meraki network switches!
The new telephones will allow us to video conference in and out of the office using Webex software. We also installed special wiring throughout the office using the new network switches to increase the productivity and speed of the equipment. Our internet is now the fastest it has ever been in Astyra history.
Our hope is to serve you quicker than ever before with this upgrade!

Executive Education

Ken at one of the CUES sessions
Our CEO, Ken Ampy, was selected to serve as Chairman of the Governance committee for the Virginia Credit Union. 

At $3.6 billion in assets, VACU is the largest State-charted credit union in the Commonwealth.
To prepare for the role, this summer Ken spent a week in Toronto attending the CUES Governance Leadership Institute Program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Completing the program earned Mr. Ampy the designation of Certified Credit Union Director (CCD).

Out & About in Minneapolis

Overlooking Minneapolis

Astyra founders Ken Ampy and Sam Young traveled to Minneapolis mid-April for an InterCity Visit (ICV) with the ChamberRVA board. Similar to previous visits in recent years to places such as Pittsburgh, Denver and Austin, they found the trip to Minneapolis very engaging and refreshing.

The InterCity Visit allows for leaders from the Richmond region to visit a peer city to hear about great initiatives and generate meaningful dialogue in the hopes of bringing about change in Richmond, VA.

These three-day agenda packed trips have directly resulted in many Richmond initiatives, businesses and programs being implemented. During the trip, attendees expand their knowledge on the chosen city’s community operations and determine if it is possible to mimic some of the ideas in Richmond.

Now on his 10th ICV, Ken chose the innovation track while Sam, on his 8th trip, chose the public housing track.

Out & About In Atlanta, Detroit and Las Vegas!

Lee at the Emergency Response Panel
Brenna Biggs at the NMSDC Conference
Ken at the Money20/20 Conference

Astyra was selected by Dominion Energy to attend the Energizing Powerful Connections; 14th Annual Utility Industry Supplier Diversity Event in Atlanta. Director of Fulfillment, Lee Rattigan and Account Manager, Brenna Caton participated in Case Study Panels and Power Pitches related to the Utility/Energy industry.

Lee was invited to participate in a panel revolving around Emergency Response.
Lee and Brenna also attended the NMSDC Conference in Detroit, MI where they had the opportunity to network with companies as a diverse supplier.
In October, Ken Ampy attended the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas. Money20/20 is the world’s largest conference for ideas, connections and deals in Payments and Financial Services. FinTech is the fast emerging industry around new technologies and innovations that aims to compete with traditional methods in the delivery of financial services.
Ken attended the conference on behalf of the Virginia Credit Union where he serves as a board member.

Astyra’s 20th Birthday Celebration

Astyra celebrated being in business for 20 years on September 9, 2017. A huge thank you to Jackson’s Beer Garden and Smokehouse for their fabulous food and outstanding venue.
The staff was joined by former and current associates, clients, community leaders, and elected officials.
Mayor Levar Stoney was in attendance and remarked to the crowd, “Astyra is Richmond”; eluding to the company’s entire existence in downtown, as well as it’s ongoing community service in the RVA region.
“We’ve been blessed and lucky”, reflected Young.
“I look forward to the next 20”, Ampy added.
The Celebration was the last of a series of events commemorating the milestone that included a state-fair style carnival, Astyra Day at the Diamond, and other outings.
Company founders Ken Ampy and Sam Young mingled with guests and shared stories about their 20-year journey.


We had an array of tasty Carnival-style food and games to entertain!

Everyone who attended had a great time watching some of the office staff having a pie thrown in their face, all in good fun and for a good cause! 
Astyra matched the funds raised, and donated everything to Child Savers.
Click here to view all photos of this fun event. 
We hope you will attend our next event in September.

Astyra Is Turning 20!

On September 4 2017, Astyra Corporation will celebrate 20 years in business! 
We are planning several events to commemorate this monumental accomplishment.
Our first event leading up to our 20th Anniversary is scheduled for June 8, 2017.
The theme is Carnival and will be held from 4pm onwards.
We will have food and games and are looking forward to having a great time!
Some of the games will beheld as a raffle, and the funds raised will be donated to ChildSavers.
Astyra has always been passionate about supporting the community and plans to match all donations received.
How much money would you donate for Ken and Sam to participate in a “Pie in the Face” game?

H.Y.P.E. Icon Awards 2017

Astyra at the HYPE Icon Awards

Astyra was honored to be a finalist in the Large Business category for the YP Workplace Awards, hosted by ChamberRVA. The award recognizes the best companies for young professionals to work for.

While we didn’t take home a gum ball machine this time, we were proud to be a finalist and everyone had a great time at the awards ceremony! Congratulations to SingleStone for winning this year!

Partnership Recognized As Outstanding

Astyra co-founders Sam Young and Ken Ampy stand with Magellan associates Shana McDaniel and Cornel Hubbard
The Team at Awards Dinner

Astyra Corporation and Magellan of Virginia were awarded the Metropolitan Business League’s Trailblazing Partnership Award for their work together. The Trailblazing Partnership Award recognizes a small business and its larger partner that formed a successful teaming relationship and/or joint venture that resulted in the award of a new contract or an ongoing relationship. Astyra is responsible for staffing the customer service positions for Magellan’s member call center.

“In both the substance and logistics of our work, we recognize that real, lasting success comes from collaboration, especially with a locally-based organization that shares our mission-driven focus. We found that collaboration in the team at Astyra” said Bill Phipps, general manager of Magellan of Virginia.
The continued success of the Astyra/Magellan partnership has resulted in the pursuit of several other opportunities within and outside of the Commonwealth.

Click here to read the entire press release regarding this unique partnership.
Magellan of Virginia Customer Service Team

Prestigious Award For Co-Founder

On May 19, 2016 the Metropolitan Business League held its 25th Annual Awards Dinner and Reception at the John Marshall Ballroom.
Ken Ampy, CEO and co-founder of Astyra Corporation, was named the recipient of the “Oliver Singleton Humanitarian Award”. It is a great honor for Mr. Ampy to be the first recipient of this prestigious award. The criteria for the award includes:
  • Contribute remarkable community & humanitarian service that has made a difference to the well-being of others
  • Go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Have a positive impact on the RVA community
  • Perform this service as a professional and/or volunteer
  • Be a member of the MBL

Immediately after the event, Mr. Ampy tweeted, “so humbled & honored to be the first ever recipient of the @theMBL Oliver Singleton Humanitarian award. #RVA #LoveYaOliver”. 

DPU Contract

Since April 2015, Astyra has been working on the Gas Pipeline Stakeholder Survey Project for the City of Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities.

Federal regulations require that the City periodically survey identified populations located near the City’s natural gas pipeline in order to assess the effectiveness of its natural gas education program.

Astyra handled a portion of the last Stakeholder Survey Project that occurred in 2012, but was awarded responsibility for the entire project this year.

Astyra made over 35,000 calls to successfully complete the survey.

New Developments For 2015

Pictured above is the re-designed Astyra logo commissioned exclusively for use during the event.

Astyra Corporation is excited to have won the staffing bid for the UCI Road World Championships to be held in Richmond, VA later this year.

The Road World Championships is a nine-day event, held annually in an international city as chosen by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

To learn more about the event, and view the race schedule click here. 

InterCity Visit In Nashville

Astyra owners, Sam Young and Ken Ampy, joined the Greater Richmond Chamber for the 23rd Annual InterCity Visit (ICV). This year the group visited Nashville, TN.

Participants of the InterCity Visit learned about the business community’s priorities for a strong education system, attracting and retaining talent, and the entrepreneurial community in Nashville. 

Click here if you would like to learn more about ICV. 

New Chair Of The Greater Richmond Chamber

Several Astyra staff members attended the 148th annual Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s Luncheon on June 17, 2015, to celebrate Astyra President, Sam Young, as he was passed the gavel from Nancy Bagranoff, Dean, Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond.

He was introduced as the new Chair of the Chamber Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Sam shared his goals and what he’d like to accomplish during his 1 year term. He also shared some stories of his experiences through the years at the Chamber.