Admin Appreciation 2017

Michelle Lindsey attended an Annual Appreciation breakfast hosted by an organization Ken Ampy is affiliated with. The event recognizes Administrative Assistants of prominent executives around Richmond.

The breakfast was held at The Jefferson Hotel, where attendees were treated to a delicious breakfast. Michelle had a great time meeting and networking with the other attendees, and enjoyed listening to a presentation about the latest new and upcoming plans of the organization.

After returning to the office Michelle commented that she learned a lot about projects happening around the region, and she is excited to see the Richmond area grow and thrive!

Admin Appreciation 2015

Brittany Brown, Executive Assistant to CEO, Ken Ampy, attended an Annual Administration Appreciation Breakfast hosted by an organization Ken is affiliated with.

This year’s event was held at the Jefferson Hotel, where Executive Assistants who attended the breakfast were honored with a box of assorted chocolates accompanied with a single yellow rose.

Brittany was thrilled to attend the event this year, and commented “It’s really nice to feel appreciated and that people other than those whom you work with value what you do.”