Applying for Job in a Pandemic

While remote jobs have been an option for a while, many of us are still learning to navigate the virtual world whether it’s operating a Zoom meeting, switching to working in a home office or even applying for a position with a fully remote company. Some of us may wonder if we’re choosing the right business to apply and eventually work for. While there isn’t a surefire way to know, there are options to help you evaluate the company.

  1. Network with employees. Prior to applying, try to set up a quick call with someone who is in the department you hope to work in to discuss the pros and cons of the company.
  2. Research the company. Be sure to check out their reviews on various platforms such as Google Reviews and Glassdoor.
  3. Take your time if you can. A rushed job search could put you in a less than ideal situation. If you have the option to, look into what other companies are offering in comparison for the same job and industry.

How are you going about applying for jobs during the pandemic?