Astyra’s Biggest Loser

Brittany before and after

In an effort to lose those holiday pounds and promote healthy eating, Astyra’s internal staff participated in a weight loss challenge for four weeks. On the first day, we all weighed ourselves and discovered our body fat percentage. Next, we encouraged each other to visit the gym, meal prep and openly discuss our individual goals. The transparency allowed us to gauge how we were doing against others and gave us suggestions on what we could do!

Midway through the competition, we were surprised by how these new lifestyle changes were becoming a habit. Within those four weeks, our office lost a combined weight of 46 pounds with the weight loss master being Brittany. In just ONE month, she was able to lose 17 pounds.

Brittany achieved this weight loss accomplishment by sticking to a low carb diet and working out. She was able to restrain herself from indulging when we had sweet treats in the office and set an example for everyone.

We enjoyed the friendly competition and hope to stick to these lifestyle changes throughout the year!

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