Let’s get to know…

Lee Rattigan                    

Vice President of Strategy & Development

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Why do you love coming to work each day? I enjoy the variety that is involved in the day-to-day landscape of our jobs. Each day there is a new challenge and that is what makes it exciting. I think most of the employees at Astyra like challenges and being able to work to successfully complete those challenges.
If you could be an olympic athlete, what sport would you participate in? They should bring back baseball as an Olympic sport! Track and Field (Sprinter) as a summer sport and Downhill Skiing as a winter sport.
What achievement are you most proud of? There lots of achievements that I am proud of. I am proud of my successes as an athlete from youth sports up through having the opportunity to compete as a Division 1 athlete. I also am proud of having perfect attendance in high school.
Describe your dream vacation: My idea of a dream vacation is to travel with my family to a place that is not busy and touristy, where you have access to the beach and outdoors/mountains during the day and have access to a city that has great food and social life.
What inspires/motivates you? I really enjoy being challenged and figuring out a way to be successful at the task in hand. I love the creative aspects and resourcefulness that can be involved in doing something new or something that you are not good at.