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Ken Ampy                    


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What is your favorite quote? “The person who says he can and the person who says he can’t, are both right”
If your life had a theme song, what would it be? “Trouble Man” – Marvin Gaye 1972
What inspires/motivates you? The thought of having a successful business that lasts the test of time
Tell me about someone you really admire and why: My grandfather.  He taught me everything I know about humility, helping your fellow man, and hard work.  Also, as a Tobacco Farmer, he was the first entrepreneur I ever knew.
If you could be a cartoon character for a week, who would you be? Bart Simpson
If you could be an Olympic athlete, what sport would you participate in? Bobsledding
Article or story you wrote: Fond Memories Growing Up in the Country – Richmond Times Dispatch circa 2010