Contractor Spotlight: Jonathan Goodridge

Jon Goodridge is a Senior Telecommunication Engineer at Capital One.
Jonathan Goodridge grew up in New England, went to Northeastern University and has worked at BBN, DEC, Aspect & others. 
For the past three years he has been with Astyra, working at Capital One. He currently works on testing and implementing call center software at Capital One.  
Most of his career has involved call centers or related technologies. Jon says he enjoys being a bridge between the customer and engineering, as many times they speak different languages. 
He has received many recognition awards throughout his career and said that he is happy to add this one to his collection! 
Jon moved to Richmond in 2008 for a 6-month contract with AT&T at Altria and has been here ever since. 
He met his wife in Richmond. They love to spend time visiting wineries, traveling and seeing all the sites here in Virginia. Both Jon and his wife love to cook and entertain. They have a Shepard/Husky mix, named Babylon. Jon says Babylon was the only one in their house who was thrilled with the most recent snowstorm to hit Richmond!