Boost Your Confidence – Job Seeker Style

We all hear about how important confidence is, it applies to everything in your life! Confidence in who you are, what you can do and what you believe in is what grounds you as an individual. It sets you apart from everyone else. If you’re job hunting, confidence is something you will absolutely have to master. Why? Because confidence is the key to successful careers. It’s that simple. Nobody gets where they want to be by doubting themselves! So, here’s what you can do to get some pep in your step and wear that confidence like a brand-new outfit.  

  1. Focus on your Talents.

You’re never going to feel confident selling yourself in that interview if you’re always worried about what you think you can’t do. Never automatically assume you’re unqualified for a job because you have weaknesses. Focus on what you are good at and hone those skills. Getting better at the skills you are weak in will take time but everyone possesses a talent that makes them special. Use that to your advantage!

2. Have physical proof of your accomplishments.

This can be old projects you’ve worked on, new projects you’re working on, awards, certificates, a report card from 3rdgrade… anything! Compile these items in a special way. On our Twitter, @AstyraCorp, we linked to a cool article explaining how to make a “Brag Book”. This is a portfolio composed of all of your professional accomplishments. It’s something you can look at as much as you want to and remind yourself that you’re awesome. Plus, you can bring it to an interview and really WOW that recruiter.

  1. Reframe your thoughts.
    This is the ULTIMATE Life-Hack. A million negative thoughts can pop into our minds in a single day. So practice this:if you find yourself thinking a negative thought, cancel it and think about something positive instead. Instead of thinking “That company will never hire me”… cancel it with “ Why wouldn’t that company want to hire me?! I am so smart!”. The more positive thoughts we force ourselves to have, the better and more confident we feel. All of the worry and self-doubt can be * POW! *  knocked out and cancelled, just like that. Training your brain towards positive thinking can even be a new hobby! What a win!

What will you do to really take your confidence to the next level?