Let’s get to know…

James Rives                     

Junior Recruiter       

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You find out that the DMV is handing out superpowers. But you get there so late that all the good ones are taken. What mediocre superpower would you choose? Even mediocre powers can be useful if you’re creative! I’d probably be okay with being made of rubber or something. Or the power to teleport twice a day (to avoid traffic!)
What inspires/motivates you? My greatest goal is to become a world-renowned poet and what motivates me is money and following my passions (generic, I know).
Describe your dream vacation: My dream vacation would involve my best friends and I wine-tasting somewhere in Italy.
If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why? Bill Gates. He’s incredibly intelligent, charitable and rich. I’d like to know what it’s like so that I could use what I learn in my own life.
What skill would you love to learn? The guitar. Or how to become an excellent poet, or salesman.
 What achievement are you most proud of? I’ve had some of my poetry published in anthologies for people my age back when I was in high school.