Celebrating Black History Month

This month we’re hoping to celebrate and honor Black history by educating our community.

Did you know one of the first large Black owned companies in America was Tamla Records (later known as Motown Record Corporation and Motown Records) founded in Detroit by Berry Gordy? Mr. Gordy had a passion for music and even opened a record store. While the store did not last long, he did not give up on his dreams. He soon filed for an $800 loan to create his company.

While we are not the largest, the first nor the last standing African American-owned staffing company, we pride ourselves in being a minority owned business since 1997. Each year has been dedicated to helping foster change in our community and we’re proud of our progress so far.

Our CEO, Ken Ampy, is embracing this month by posting quotes from influential Black leaders on his twitter (@KenAmpy) all month long.

How are you honoring Black History Month?

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