Virtual Reality In The Interviewing Process

In an economy where there are far more jobs than job-seekers, hiring managers will agree that it’s incredibly important to ensure they’re making the best choice. The “best” way of doing that is highly subjective in nature, but one approach that some companies are beginning to take is bolstering their interview process with… virtual reality!
According to 52% of respondents to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends, these innovations to the interview process are very important and, according to CloserIQ’s article, utilizing video or VR have been are “gaining ground.” 
A further quote from them reveals that, “Companies that incorporated either video or VR platforms into their interviewing process found they were able to better assess skillsengage candidates more, increase efficiency and improve talent pool diversity, and encountered less unconscious bias.” 
For example, it may be easier for someone to showcase their hand-eye coordination or ability to extract and process numerous points of information at once through such an unorthodox method. In any case, it seems as though this way of thinking has gained traction for a reason.
What are your thoughts?

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